He creates artwork that combines many influences into uniquely layered paintings, often getting inspired from local attributes. Incorporating hand drawn personal sentiments, emotions and feelings that he executes in the form of drawn lines. Often also incorporating letters, drawn from years of painting graffiti into a could be surreal environment.

Oslo based artist Marius Luthman grew up under the wings of an older brother, who was a youth in the 80’s, when the American hip hop and skateboard culture rolled over the entire world. Therefor, as a young boy he was exposed to visual impressions, which included a message of freedom, rebel, visual practice and everlasting innovative expressions. This is still a big part of his inspiration, mainly visualized in paintings, and forms the basic principles for his artistic performance.

“I use the opportunity to visit the unreal, and this is the sediment of my inspiration to my creations. My perception of the world is that it is sometimes mad, and we the people are subjects of control. As an artist, I want to be free, but my paintings speak another tone of language. I am all about peace and love, but I don`t feel free to enjoy it… The quest for freedom will probably never end, but I try to have fun along the way” – Marius Luthman

Marius is happy to make paintings on request, or answer any other inquiry you might have, so don´t hesitate to make contact:)


Instagram: @mariusluthman

Project: Pleasure Island

– 2019, Separatutstilling, Galleri Malla – Villa Malla

– 2017, Kollektivutstilling, Galleri Autonom

– 2016, Kollektivutstilling, “Pleasure Island” med Eirik Braathen, Galleri POPOP.

– 2016, Kollektivutstilling, “Norwegian Wasteland vol.2”, Galleri POPOP.

– 2012 – 2016, Kollektivutstilling + Livepainting i forbindelse med Oslo SneakerFest.

– 2012, Separatutstilling “Endelig hjemme”, Galleri Kan-Skje, Schweigaardsgate 88.

– 2005- 2008, Illustratør/grafisk designer i Ill.Design. (illdesign.no)

– 2003 – 2006, 3 år med illustrasjon og grafiskdesign på Norges Kreative Fagskole (NKF).

Store dekorasjonsjobber:

– Innspillingstudio til The Voice TV

– Nattklubben Livingroom i Oslo

Ich Liebe

70X70cm, Acrylic on canvas , 2017

300 USD + 5% art fee